CCTV Drain Inspection

For CCTV inspections, Waste Away South Ltd uses high-tech CCTV equipment to investigate and assess the cause of blocked drains.

CCTV inspections are crucial when there are problems in drains. Drains block for many reasons and it is essential to physically see the problem before undertaking any major work.

Drain Inspection Process

It’s a quick and easy process. We are able to quickly and accurately detect the cause of the problem; precisely locate the blockage and assess any other contributing factors.

Most importantly, with CCTV drain inspections, it ensures you have all the necessary information before commencing work. Without this information, it is difficult to recommend an appropriate solution to clear the blockage. What’s more, it eliminates the need to dig up the ground, therefore avoiding unnecessary work and costs.

On completion of the CCTV inspection, we can show you on USB exactly what the problem is. We will then discuss with you the most appropriate solution.

How we use CCTV equipment

When undertaking any drain CCTV inspection, our sophisticated and high-tech drain camera is inserted into the drain or pipe. It is then fed along the pipe and records direct to USB all images.

Once the blockage has been identified using our drain CCTV technology, the technician then utilised a feature of the camera head to determine the ground depth of the blockage as well as it’s precise location.

We are able to then mark the block/blockage area on the ground above. This specialised drain CCTV technology enables us to accurately locate the blockage to within 100mm.

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