Drain Unblocking & Drain Cleaning




At Waste Away South Ltd we offer a full range of service and support to clean, clear and fix blocked drains.

Our services include: drain cleaning, drain clearing, CCTV drain inspections and leak detection.

We offer a prompt, courteous and reliable service.

Whether it be blocked drains, sewers or storm water blockages, whatever the drain, whatever the drain plumbing problem, our friendly staff can unblock it.

Drain Unblocking

Do you have a blocked drain? 

Waste Away South Ltd can unblock all types of drains – residential, commercial and industrial drains. We offer prompt and reliable assistance to Clean, Clear and Unblock Residential, Commercial & Industrial Drains, Sewers, Culverts and more.

When on-site, and for each job, we assess the problem, and most importantly determine the best approach. With our specialist equipment we can quickly and effectively unblock drains. With our specialized Jetting Truck and Equipment we can efficiently fulfil the task with no job being too big or too small.

How we unblock your drains

We primarily use one of two approaches

    1. Hydro Jet Machinery

Our hydro jet machine forces water at high pressure through flexible hoses. The equipment can negotiate bends and has the ability to clear most blockages ranging from roots to silt and debris.

This high pressure water blasting or jet flushing machine can quickly and effectively clear blocked drains and eliminate tree roots (often a main cause of blocked drains).

When the high pressure water flows through the specially designed nozzles the water is transformed into powerful jets.


    1. Electric Eel

To unblock drains we may use what in the trade is called an Electric Eel. This is also known as a “Sewer Snake” or a “Toilet Jack”. The Electric Eel is a flexible auger or drill-like tool that removes blockages in waste pipes, drains and sewers.

The engine spins the drill or blade in a clockwise direction into the blockage allowing the retrieval of objects such as hair, combs, small toys and cloth. If the blockage is not retrievable, the Electric Eel can also break up blockages such as tree roots, foam and plastic objects.

If the drain is not completely blocked but the flow has been reduced, the Electric Eel flails around the inside of the pipe scraping off accumulated deposits and matter.