HydroVac Services in Canterbury and North Otago

Hydro Excavation

Waste Away South Ltd provide specialized staff, that are trained in the safe use of our modern Hydro Vac trucks to carefully expose all known services like gas, water, power, fibre optic & phone cables.

Hydro Excavation is also known as Vacuum Excavation, Hydro Trenching, Hydro Digging or Potholing.

This is performed using a high pressure jetting and vacuum unit that work simultaneously, reducing risk to you and the public.

Our staff will blast around the services or commonly known as trenching, whilst excavating all solid debris & liquid waste. This being a safer method than digging therefore lowering the risk of damages to the services underground.

Hydro Excavation is fast, efficient and precise whilst limiting mess.

Large vacuum tanks contain all the solid and water waste, reducing environmental issues with runoff, debris & dust that normal digging methods can cause.

Common uses for Hydro Excavation include:

  • Exposing known services for repair and maintenance
  • Laying new services next to old pre-existing services
  • Digging holes & trenches to avoid unknown dangers below the surface
  • Trenching around trees without damaging roots

Abilities of Hydro Excavation exceed and are not limited to:

  • Open trenching
  • Potholing & investigation
  • Service identification & confirmation
  • Service repair pits with various depth & width
  • Ability to work around services and heritage protected tree roots without damage
  • Lighting and utility pole installation & disposal
  • Sign post hole
  • Pile drilling
  • Culvert clean outs
  • Pile casing clean outs
  • Spread footing piles
  • Holes for structural support foundations


Benefits of Hydro Excavation:

  • Cost effective & efficient
  • Faster and safer method than hand & mechanical digging
  • Greater precision
  • Won’t cut through services therefore minimising risk of service strikes, electrocution & reducing costs of service interruption
  • Reduced need & cost for mechanical equipment
  • No harm to heritage protected tree roots
  • Minimised size of excavation & ground disturbance, maintaining ground integrity
  • Prevents sloughing & cave ins


Industries already using HydroVac

  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Power
  • Utility
  • Engineering
  • Transportation